Frequently asked questions


                               Frequently asked questions


(1)What is the different between hourly pricing for a project and a bid from EZ property services?

Answer: By doing it by bid we can  include the materials that is need plus the maximum hours we feel it will take to do the project! With hourly pricing, you’re paying for labor by an hourly rate and for a certain amount of hours that you believe it will take to complete the project.


(2) Is EZ Property Services LLC. Licensed?

Answer: We are insured and bonded but According to the state of Indiana’s website there is no license for a handyman service and here is the link to the state of Indiana’s licensing board is you would like to look it up for yourself!


(3) Do you take credit cards?

Answer: No,


(4) Do you have specials?

Answer: We do have specials! When we do have them we will usually list it on our website.


(5) How can I be sure that I getting the best price?

Answer: The easiest way is to use our Trust Cost Price guide link.


(6) Why should a landlords use EZ Property Services LLC over other services?

 Answer:  good prices and dependability plus we are insured.


(7) Do You charge for estimates?

Answer: yes, but we  can deduct it from your overall cost if we get the job!


(8) Should I do hourly pricing?

Answer: It’s  up to you! For people who know or can guess how long it will take and want to do all the time and research it could be their best bet put for those who don’t , our company will tries  to  save you money, time and headache plus make sure that when it is finished it is done right.


(9) What is the hourly cost?

Answer: The  hourly rate is $65 an hour, which is far below most others in the industry which you can compare and see at the True Home Advisor Website



If you have any other questions please go to the contact us section of this website.

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